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Enhance Natural Habitat

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

There are many ways to attract wild animals without creating a dependence or conflict with humans.  Here are some ways to help wildlife by enhancing the natural habitat in public and private spaces.

Plant and grow native trees, hedges, grasses, and flowers.  Human development has resulted in large scale clearing and deforestation of native species which serve as food, shelter, and travel corridors for wildlife.  Replanting native  species increases habitat size and promotes wider distribution of wildlife populations.  Natives are also more disease resistant, require less irrigation and fertilization.  Below are some resources to help.

Install bird nesting boxes.  The removal of damaged or dead trees has eliminated spaces for cavity-nesting wildlife species.  Also, non-native, or exotic trees may not offer the same physical structures and materials that are appropriate for nesting.  Placement of a few, properly designed bird boxes  can help promote successful nesting. Refer to the below link for details on proper design and installation of bird houses.

Install a bird bath or water feature.  Human development through grading, paving and piping of waterways has eliminated clean natural water sources for wild animals.  A bird bath can provide a valuable water source for drinking and washing. Make sure to maintain, clean and disinfect water features regularly to prevent spread of disease and mosquitoes.

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