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Woodside Wildlife Rescue (WWR) of South Mississippi is a 501 (C) 3, all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Mississippi’s Wildlife in need.

WWR’s mission is to utilize scientifically proven protocols to rescue, rehabilitate and release indigenous animals back into their natural habitat as healthy as possible to promote preservation of the environment. 

Our goal is to educate the local community about the value of peaceful coexistence with wildlife, and the importance of environmental conservation. And to provide information, resources and assistance when there is a conflict with native species.


We are also dedicated to cooperation and assistance with other local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organizations and to fulfilling our responsibilities and obligations to the state of Mississippi.


WWR operates with an Administration Possession Permit from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks under the authority of Section 49-5-107, Mississippi Code of 1972, adopted regulations pertaining to captive-held game species and furbearers (Public Notice 2877) and non-game species in need of management (Public Notice M4-3201). 


WWR was founded in 2019 by Paula Woodside, an experienced rehabber who was determined to establish a rescue organization that was based on nationally recognized and scientifically proven protocols.  She pioneered a raccoon disease testing and vaccination program on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.  Her efforts, now adopted by other local rehab organizations, protect the health of local raccoon populations and pets who come into contact with those raccoons. She is continuing her disease prevention focus and hopes to develop a Rabies Vector Species program in the state in the coming year.

Woodside Wildlife Rescue, Ltd receives no federal or state funding and relies solely on the generous contributions made by our dedicated supporters in order to provide food/formula, veterinary care, medications/vaccines, cleaning supplies and housing for our wild patients.


Paula K. Woodside

Founder & Executive Director

Amy Thomas


Elizabeth W. Casey

Vice President

Gerald Rigby, CPA


Lori Dee Swilley


Donna Mellott

Board Member

Lonnie "JR" Farrell

Board Member

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